Ghostwriting Project Available

I am in need of a writer who can write very fast, efficient, and cheap! I am looking for the BEST & LOWEST price.

I have a DETAILED outline to follow by. Each chapter has objectives, main ideas, clues, and character dialogues. Basically what you are doing is taking the detailed outline and taking that information and creating believable dialog and scene descriptive text.

The outline is 20 pages in length, so it will be easy for you to transfer my ideas onto the page. Basically the whole story is already written, I just need the writer to “connect the dots” and fill in the blanks.

I am attaching the prologue outline so you can see what you will be dealing with.

Bid competitively. If you are a team of writers, that is okay, as long as in the end, the style willbe consistent.

*Native English Speakers/writers
*Must have at least 1 feedback
*Must deliver content weekly until finished
*Must have and use Yahoo! messenger
*Must show me work in progress DAILY (and deliver something every week)
*Must work quickly
*Final format delivery in WORD format (.doc)
*Be finished with all 16 chapters in 2 weeks or less.

This is a GHOSTWRITING PROJECT. You will get no credit, no recognition, no rights to the final piece of work.

As you will see, My ideas for this book is Clearly and Concisely outlined all the way down to proposed character dialog. I have copyrighted this outline, so I have all rights to this piece.

You will serve as my “secretary” when you write this outline into book form.

Give me your best price. I want quick and cheap writers to apply.

I will use GAF escrow. I will pay 10% of the price to start the project. And the remaining when you deliver the work to me.

My budget starts at $30 and is determined by the most attractive bid.

I need 16 chapters written, I would like each chapter to be at most 10 pages long. I will provide DETAILED outline of my ideas and wants for this book. Winning Bidder understands that he or she is simply putting my outline into book form. Winning bidder also understands that some creative talent is needed to describe scenes and feelings. If you understand and agree with all terms, BID NOW!

ARE you interested in this job?

Contact me today!


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