Who is ShortStoryBuyer?

Hello there. If you’re here, then you want to learn a little more about me. My name is Rob, and I am an individual who publishes short stories in a targeted newsletter. I outsource creative and technical writers to take care of my writing needs.

I am prompt with payment and seek to develop lasting, working relationships with freelance individuals. I rarely deal with businesses or firms with a lot of writers on staff. Mainly because it is difficult to maintain style consistency.

If you elect to work with me, you will enjoy your experience. Am I trying to sell myself to you? Certainly!

What type of writers am I looking for?

I am searching for QUALITY writing professionals who create heart and soul for their characters and writings.  I seek writers who can take a pen and paper and create a character (or story) that is SO real that it creates real feelings inside of the reader.

The same is true for the article and Blog writing professionals I hire. I want them to be good at what they do… and KNOW they’re good at it!